Jackson, New Jersey 08527, United States

New Jersey Honey bees

Garden State Apiaries- Breeders of Quality NJ Honeybees & NUCs

Garden State Apiaries- Breeders of Quality NJ Honeybees & NUCs


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New Jersey Nucleus Colonies/Queens


We are in the business of producing New Jersey Honeybees and New Jersey Nucleus Colonies (NUCs) .  We strive to breed honeybees with the great qualities that New Jersey beekeepers want: gentle, strong, disease resistant, and great honey producers.  Our breeder colonies are centrally located in New Jersey in the heart of great farmland, horse pastures and open space that provide excellent foraging opportunities for our honeybees.  


Garden State Apiaries will produce the highest quality honeybee colonies that are specifically developed to ensure a happy, productive and rewarding beekeeping experience for our customers.

New Jersey Local Raw Artisan Honey


Our business model is geared towards the breeding production of New Jersey honeybees, but we do produce small batch New Jersey local raw honey.

Choose the Best


Each of our apiaries and our breeding stock is inspected by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, ensuring that we provide you with healthy honeybees.  This is one of the most important aspects of purchasing New Jersey Honeybees!  There are several options for replacing or adding colonies into your apiary.  Packaged bees have always been a popular method for replacement or expansion, but why purchase packaged bees from Southern states that are not acclimated to winters in Northern states when you can purchase New Jersey Nucleus Colonies (NUCs)?

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For Bio-Security Purposes- We Do Not Permit Visitation to our Apiaries

Garden State Apiaries

Jackson, New Jersey 08527, United States


We do not maintain traditional business hours!  Our bees dictate our schedule!

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