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New Jersey Nucleus Colonies (NUCs)

The Advantage


Often with new beekeepers, the bees are put into new equipment with undrawn combs. It is easier for bees to adapt to introduction onto comb that is already drawn and ready for the queen to lay eggs.  Moreover, our New Jersey Nucleus Colonies (NUCs) are produced entirely from overwintered and proven stock.  That means that your colonies have a greater probability of thriving and surviving winter.


Our five frame New Jersey Nucleus Colonies (NUCs) consists of:

A mated queen that has already been accepted by the hive and is confirmed to be laying eggs

3 inner frames containing brood in all stages

2 outer frames containing honey, pollen and nurse bees

We strongly believe that first year beekeepers should purchase a NUC colony as often there are difficulties getting package bees established on brand new frames and foundation.  With a New Jersey Nucleus Colony (NUC), bees are installed on drawn comb, a brood nest has been established, honey and pollen have been stored and most importantly, a young queen has been accepted and is laying eggs. 

*PLEASE NOTE - NUCs can easily overheat and perish during transport.  As such, our transportation policy insists that NUC colonies ONLY be picked up prior to 8am or after 8pm and by appointment only .  You are always welcome to inspect each NUC prior to transport, however, we are NOT responsible for any problems that might arise during transport.  All sales of NUC colonies are final.

In the Spring of 2020, we will be offering limited quantities of New Jersey bred queens and nucleus (NUC) hives from our apiaries.  Our breeding program will seek to provide the best possible New Jersey Honeybees for stock that is locally produced and has a higher probability of successfully overwintering compared to stock produced in Southern states that is not accustomed to the often harsh winters of the Northeast.  Why not choose New Jersey honeybees?


2020 NUCS

YES! I am interested in a 2020 NJ NUC! (Revisit our site in January 2020 as we start to take reservations for 2020 nucs! Supplies will be limited!

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New Jersey NUCs

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