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New Jersey Honey bees

Garden State Apiaries- Breeders of Quality NJ Honeybees & NUCs

2017-18 New Jersey Hybrid Queen Bees

2018 Marked Italian "sourced" Queen


One of our finest brood producers from this past season.

2018 Grafted "NJ Tiger Tail" Queen


A hybrid queen grafted from New World Carniolan  hybrid stock - just upon returning from her mating flights

2017 Marked Italian "Sourced" Queen


Not the best marking job - but she was a great producer!

2018 Grafted NJ "Storm Cloud" Queen


Our favorite queen grafted from New World Carniolan hybrid stock - she loved to have her photo taken!

New Jersey Queen Bees

Starting in the month of May, we evaluate our colonies for drone populations and then commence with the evaluation of our colonies to determine what hives we wish to graft larvae from.  Queen bees that are produced in our mating yards are a hybrid of many different varieties of honeybees that demonstrate the characteristics we wish to promote.  Our queens are "open mated" providing abundant genetic diversity.

2018 Grafted "NJ Cream Ridge Butterscotch" Queen


A classic breed queen bee from our Cream Ridge mating yard -Butterscotch abdomen and a dark thorax

2019 Gallery of Queen Bees

2018 Saskatraz


One of our overwintered Saskatraz queens sourced from Olivarez.  Use of Saskatraz hybrid stock in your apiaries should provide drone  populations which will increase the frequency of alleles for honey production and varroa tolerance, as well as other economic traits. This  is because drones from the hybrids carry the genetics of their mother,  the breeder queen.

2019 Saskatraz Hybrid

2019 Grafted queen from Saskattraz Queen and open mated.

2019 Grafted queen from Saskattraz Queen and open mated.in early May 2019.

GSA "Fat Bottom Girl"


This queen can barely get her booty in a cell!  One of our 2019 GSA grafted queens - Open mated.

Grafted Queen Cells


From this Cell Comes the Queen!

2019 Grafted Saskatraz Hybrid


We captured this queen in the act!

2019 Grafted "Storm Cloud"


We love the colors of these dark queens!

New Jersey Honeybees - Our "Grab-N-Go" Beehives


Fully established 10 Frame New Jersey Honeybee hives

Proven queen with strong healthy bees

Fresh, new and quality beekeeping equipment

Annually inspected by New Jersey Department of Agriculture

New Jersey Honeybees

The honeybee (apis mellifera) was designated the official state insect of New Jersey in 1974 after encouragement given by a group of students from the Sunnybrae School in Hamilton Township located right in the heart of New Jersey. It is no wonder as New Jersey’s honeybees play a vital role in our state’s agriculture. New Jersey honeybees are not only utilized for producing great tasting local raw honey and other products of the beehive including wax, pollen and propolis, but are also key to ensuring the success of the Garden State’s crops for the pollination that they provide to tomatoes, blueberries, cranberries, cantaloupe, watermelons, cucumbers and peppers.

There are thousands of New Jersey beekeepers across the state. Many are members of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association (NJBA) http://www.njbeekeepers.org/index.htm a vital organization for beekeepers to not only learn about the art of backyard beekeeping, but also network with other beekeepers across New Jersey.

The New Jersey Beekeepers Association(NJBA) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(5) agricultural, all-volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion and support of all aspects of beekeeping in New Jersey. Most importantly, the New Jersey Beekeepers Assocation (NJBA) is the voice of New Jersey’s backyard beekeepers and commercial beekeepers alike and most recently has been integral ensuring that newly proposed beekeeping legislation in New Jersey is congruent with current beekeeping good management practices and land use polices

Keeping it "Local"

Garden State Apiaries believes in the importance of “locals supporting locals”. That is why we strive to provide the best honeybee colonies for New Jersey beekeepers. We not only want New Jersey beekeepers to have fun with beekeeping, but we want them to be successful. Our customer’s success if our shared success. We won’t tell you how to raise your bees, but we will guide and assist you the best way we know how. That is why we are constantly educating ourselves about best honeybee management practices and what apiary science make sense for honeybees that we selectively breed and raise in our bee yards.

Our 5 frame nucleus (NUCs) and 10 frame honeybee colonies are produced with strong hybrid queen bees, inspected by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture and will provide the New Jersey  beekeeper with the best opportunity for success, as they are partially established colonies with a laying queen, healthy brood, nectar, pollen and honey..